Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum Purchase?

At Seafood Lobang, there is no minimum purchase, but only orders above S$70 qualify for free delivery. Otherwise, a S$15 delivery fee will apply.

If I order now, when will my seafood arrive?

We provide value-added door-to-door delivery services. The daily cut-off timing for website orders would be 9pm (2100 hours). Deliveries are scheduled on Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays.

How is your seafood being sold?

At Seafood Lobang, we sell seafood as freshly chilled, frozen or even live.

Each product description would state the condition of the product being sold. Otherwise, you may also click on SHOP and see the listing on the left which has already categorised the seafood accordingly.

How do i know which seafood is wild-caught or farmed?

At Seafood Lobang, we strive to obtain wild-caught seafood but they are subjected to availability and are seasonal in nature. Therefore, please check the individual product description or click SHOP, go to “Seafood Source” which has categorised the seafood accordingly.

Do you provide cleaning, de-scaling and de-gutting of your seafood?

YES! By default, all our seafood sold are cleaned, de-scaled, and de-gutted! We work so you don’t have to!

How is my order being packed?

To ensure consistent freshness and quality, all of our orders are individually vacuum packed in food grade vacuum bags, except for live items such as crabs or clams.

After ordering, how should I store my seafood?

We strongly recommend cooking our seafood on the actual day of delivery to savour the freshness. Otherwise, the recommended storage conditions are as follows;

Freezer: up to 3 months and varies according to method of storage as well. Recommend to consume within 1 month.

Chiller: We do not recommend that you keep your seafood item in the chiller for more than two days. Freeze it if you don’t intend to cook it.

I can’t find my seafood on your website, how?

Due to the extensive seafood listing and seasonal products from time to time, not everything is posted online. Therefore, if you’re looking for a specific item, let us know at or WhatsApp us at +65 9173 6465, we will be glad to source the item for you!

What methods of payment are accepted and how do I make payment?

We accept e-payments only, such as MasterCard / VISA credit cards. There is also an added QR code payment service that supports all local banks PayNow / PayLah payments. You may select the desired payment method at the checkout page and follow the procedures.

Preparation style

We have catered different customized preparation portions (Fillet, Steak Cut, Bones, Head etc) for our seafood. These options are made available as part of a drop-down menu during the selection process. If the particular preparation portion is not available in the drop-down menu, feel free to email us or WhatsApp us if you have any questions or feedback on this. Seafood Lobang welcome any suggestions that you may have.

Return / refund / cancellation policy

Strictly no cancellation is allowed once order has been submitted and paid.

Please always double check your order upon delivery so that our delivery personnel can respond accordingly if needed.

We maintain strict standards in our seafood preparation and packaging to ensure that freshness and quality is delivered to you. As the seafood is perishable, Seafood Lobang will not accept any returns in exchange for any refunds.


Pictures of our seafood products on the website are representative in nature and are for illustration purposes only.

Availability of Seafood on website

As we do not stockpile our fresh seafood products, the availability of the seafood depends on “catch of the day” supply. Furthermore, some items are seasonal in nature. Therefore, should the need arise, we will contact you to suggest an equivalent alternative and re-schedule a delivery date in such cases.


Disputes arising out of freshness must be supported with photo evidence and to be evaluated by Seafood Lobang on a case-by-case basis. The cut-off timing for such request is 1159pm (2359 hours) on the same day of delivery.

Bones in fishes

We will endeavour to ensure our fillet portions have minimal bones, however, there could still be fine bones within the fillets from time to time. As such, please note that we are not liable for the presence of bones found in your fillet and Seafood Lobang will not be providing any refund for such instances.

Weight / portion sizes

Your seafood is prepared manually by our dedicated team at Seafood Lobang, hence we seek your understanding that the weight and portion may not be exact and is subjected to variances. Nonetheless, please be assured that Seafood Lobang will always strive to meet the product specifications as stated on our website.


What time will my order be delivered?

Seafood Lobang delivery timeslots for Wednesdays , Fridays & Sundays are as follows:
– 8am to 5pm.

The above timings might fluctuate during peak periods, such as on Public Holidays and also depends on our delivery loads from time to time.

What are the delivery charges?

Orders above S$70 will qualify for free delivery. Otherwise, a S$15 delivery fee will apply.

How is my order being packed for delivery?

All orders packed with loads of ice and are delivered in Foam Boxes to ensure its freshness and quality.

Which areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to most parts of Mainland Singapore. Certain regions might receive their orders earlier as compared to other regions depending on the delivery schedules and routes.

Do you deliver to multiple locations?

Every delivery is specific to that order only, multiple locations is not possible for one order. 

Can I request for a specific delivery time slot?

Due to the island-wide deliveries, we cannot give a specific timeslot but we will do our best to deliver your order within the shortest time possible. 

What if there is no one around to receive my order?

As seafood are perishable, rest assured we have done our best to keep it properly packed and stored with ice to chill it. The foam boxes packed with ice is able to last for 4-6 hours without compromising the freshness and quality of your seafood. Therefore, if there is no one to receive the order, we will leave it outside your door and take a photo as proof of delivery. Please note that in the event that we have to re-deliver, a S$15 delivery fee will be imposed.

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