Banana Prawn 红脚虾

红脚虾 (Hóng Jiǎo Xiā)

Udang Kaki Merah, Udang Pasi

Ang Kar Hei

Country of origin Indo-West Pacific
Seafood Source Wild-Caught / 野生 Yě shēng
Sold As Freshly Chilled

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Banana prawns are also commonly known as Ang Kar, which means red legged prawns. They are 100% wild caught from the sea and they also contain our much-needed Omega-3 fats (EPA, DHA). That being said, please watch out for your cholesterol levels as well!

Fun Fact
They are called Banana Prawns because it’s a banana in a shape of a prawn!
They are also the most abundant wild sea prawn species that is easily available all year round.

Its flesh is mildly flavoured, firm, thick and crunchy, giving you a very satisfying feeling with every bite of the prawn. It also has a delicious natural salty-sweet after taste.

Cooking Methods

These banana prawns taste superb just by steaming which helps retain its naturally salty-sweet taste.

The flesh retains their shape and is still relatively firm after being cooked.

Butterfly and grill / bake the prawns with your favourite toppings i.e cheese, chopped garlic etc for a different gastronomic experience.

The cooking methods for these prawns are almost limitless, depending on the sizes, you can just;
- poach them and dip into your favourite condiments,
- pan sautéing with different combinations of sauces,
- frying it with batter / crumbs / tempura,
- Chopping the prawns as ingredients for your fried rice or egg omelettes even!

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