Grey Prawn 灰虾

灰虾 (Huī Xiā)

Udang Kelabu

Hue Hu Sek Hei

Country of origin Malaysia Waters
Seafood Source Farmed
Sold As Freshly Chilled

From SGD $9.00


These White Leg Shrimps or Vannamei Prawns are the most common prawns that you can find. They are also called Pacific White Shrimps.
They are available all year round due to the growing number of sustainable farms. Packed with proteins, iron, zinc and Vit E, they are a good source of nutrients in our diet!

Fun Fact
Wet markets, online e-commerce platforms or leading supermarkets could be selling the same type of prawns at different prices. One of the main reason is because they are sold under different categories, thus the varied prices:
– Frozen Thawed
– Frozen
– Freshly Chilled

The texture is nice and bouncy but not as chewy as compared to the Ang Kar Prawns. The flesh also taste naturally sweet and flavourful.

Cooking Methods

The cooking methods for these prawns are almost limitless, depending on the size, you can;
- poach them,
- steam it for its all-natural taste,
- pan sautéing with different combinations of sauces,
- frying it with batter / crumbs / tempura or even
- baking it with cheese

Larger sizes prawns can be skewered and grilled even!

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