Live Dog Conch (GongGong) 贡贡

贡贡 (Gòng Gòng)

Siput Gong Gong / Siput Tarik

Gong Gong

Country of origin Malaysia Waters
Seafood Source Farmed
Sold As Live

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This edible sea snail is widely found and farmed in the Indo-West Pacific region and its life span is about 2 years. It is an relatively inexpensive iconic seafood dish that can be found in many seafood restaurants. You will need a toothpick to pull it out of its shell!

Fun Fact
Gong Gong is also known as “Dog Conch” and they are actually Bisexual!

It has a naturally sweet, briny taste and the juicilicious spiral-shaped flesh is soft and chewy! Yums!

Add salt to a bowl of cold – normal room temperature water and soak the snails for at least 20mins. Repeat this by transferring the snails to a 2nd similar bowl of salt water for a 2nd soak. Do it as often until you don’t find any sand sediments at the bottom of the bowl. Your snails are then ready for cooking!

Cooking Methods

Simply steam the Gong Gong whole or boil in water added with crushed lemongrass, sliced big onions, chillies and tamarind!

Gong Gong is best enjoyed by dipping the flesh into a piquant sambal or sweet tangy sauce. Don’t forget your toothpick!

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