Live Clams (LaLa) 啦啦

啦啦 (Lā Lā) / 蛤蜊 (Gé Lì)

La La Kerang / La La Kima

La La

Country of origin Malaysia Waters
Seafood Source Farmed
Sold As Live

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These clams live primarily on the seabed therefore you will need to de-sand them prior to cooking.

They have tender meats with a mildly sweet flavour and briny accent. They are chewy in texture and naturally sweet with a “salty ocean” after taste.

Add salt to a bowl of cold – normal room temperature water and soak the clams for at least 20mins.
Repeat this by transferring the clams to a 2nd similar bowl of salt water for a 2nd soak.
Do it as often until you don’t find any sand sediments at the bottom of the bowl. Your clams are then ready for cooking!

Cooking Methods

Butter, garlic, lemon and white wine are classic flavours that can be added to stir fried these clams to satisfy your cravings.

They can be added as ingredients to your Pasta, Baked rice or Pizzas.

The LA LA clams can also be steamed or added to seafood soups.

Of course the all time hot favourite would be the Clam Chowder soup!

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