Live Prawn 活虾

活虾 (Huó Xiā)

Udang hidup / Udang Kaca

Country of origin Malaysia Waters
Seafood Source Farmed
Sold As Freshly Chilled

From SGD $11.00


These Live Prawns are higher quality vannamei prawns. They arrive at our port alive and they are usually dead within a few hours. Therefore, they are the freshest you can get as compared to other prawns that are already dead upon arrival at Jurong Port

Fun Fact
Wet markets, online e-commerce platforms or leading supermarkets could be selling the same type of prawns at different prices. One of the main reason is because they are sold under different categories, thus the varied prices:
– Frozen Thawed
– Frozen
– Freshly Chilled

Texture of the fresh prawn is chewy with a “bouncy / QQ” feel. The flesh is also naturally sweet and flavourful.

Cooking Methods

These Live Prawns are very sweet and their flesh is very crunchy.

The cooking methods for these prawns are almost limitless, depending on the sizes, you can just;
- poach them,
- steam it for its all-natural taste,
- pan sautéing with different combinations of sauces,
- frying it with batter / crumbs / tempura or even
- baking it with cheese

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