Sri Lanka Mud Crab (Live) 活斯里兰卡青蟹

活斯里兰卡青蟹 (Huó Sī Lǐ Lán Kǎ Qīng Xiè)

Ketam Lumpur

Sri Lanka Zim

Country of origin Sri Lanka Waters
Seafood Source Wild-Caught / 野生 Yě shēng
Sold As Live

From SGD $37.40


The larger the crabs, the more expensive it is as the increasing demand for larger size crabs in the region is not allowing the crabs to grow to a much bigger size before they are caught! Unlike flower crabs, mud crabs are able to stay out of water for some time thus we are able to deliver them live to you!

Sri Lankan crabs are highly-sought after for their sweet, tender, and succulent snow-white meat that melts in your mouth.

You can choose to have the mud crabs delivered live to you or we will do the cleaning and cutting for your convenience.

The quoted weight is based on the whole live crab prior to cleaning and cutting as that process would result in some weight lost..

Cooking Methods

This mud crab is widely used in specialties such as the local favourite Singapore Chilli Crab!

Majority of the flesh is in the huge pincers and do remember to standby a crab cracker tool while you dig away!

They can be cooked with a variety of other sauces including black / white pepper, marmite, salted egg yolk with butter, or even Crab Bee Hoon Soup.

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