Tiger Prawn 老虎虾

老虎虾 (Lǎo Hǔ Xiā)

Udang Harimau

Lao Hau Hei 

Country of origin Malaysia Waters
Seafood Source Farmed
Sold As Freshly Chilled

From SGD $11.00


The Tiger Prawn is definitely one of the most popular members of the crustacean family as their “Tiger strips” are aesthetically very pleasing. Majority of the tiger prawns sold are farmed and are considerably cheaper in price as compared to the wild-caught ones. But regardless farmed or wild, both taste equally delicious.

Fun Fact
Wet markets, online e-commerce platforms or leading supermarkets could be selling the same type of prawns at different prices. One of the main reason is because they are sold under different categories, thus the varied prices:
– Frozen Thawed
– Frozen
– Freshly Chilled

Very popular because of its bouncy, crunchy and naturally sweet taste.

Cooking Methods

Tiger prawns go extremely well with butter and garlic!
The cooking methods for these prawns are almost limitless, depending on the size, you can;
- poach them,
- steam it for its all-natural taste,
- pan sautéing with different combinations of sauces,
- frying it with batter / crumbs / tempura or even
- baking it with cheese

Larger sizes prawns can be skewered and grilled even!

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